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Code-switching is the practice of shifting the ways you speak depending on context. Switch lets you track your code-switch on your phone and your smart speaker by learning your speech patterns.


What It is

Switch is a mobile app that tracks users' identities by listening to their manners of speech. Inspired by personal accounts of code-switching that her users shared with her, Manako wanted to explore ways in which an app could help her user group be more self-aware of this switch, since the switch often happens involuntarily and quickly, without the user recognizing that s/he is doing it.

    How It Works/Wireframes

    The app first syncs the user’s manners of speech by recording calls and identifying speech patterns. Then, the app prompts the user to name these identities, very much like alter egos. Having learned the speech patterns associated with each identity, Switch now listens to the user throughout the day. At the end of the day, the app generates a color-coded and time-stamped map of where and when s/he was either identity.The wireframe showed that the app required a minimum viable product of six screens: Landing Page, Account Setup, Speech Sync, Device Sync (Smart Phone), and the final Stats.

    User Case: Mike + Minh

    1. Here we have Minh who changed his name to Mike when he became an American citizen.
    2. He syncs his speech patterns with the app
    3. and starts tracking his accents.
    4. Looks like he spends more time being Minh at home and Mike at school.
    5. Yesterday, he was Mike for 74% of the day.
    6. Switch works as an app but it works really great with a tool that’s already always listening to everything we say.
    7. You can use it with Amazon Echo, adding to the 30K skills that it already has.

    User Testing

    Testing the prototype with users yielded 6 insights

    • Make signs clearer to prompt interaction + help navigate
    • Don’t require dual-identity setup in the beginning
    • Make the app ask/suggest who they code-switch to
    • Current stats do not allow users to be both - show switch in the stats
    • Combine time of day with geo-location 
    • The stats shown in percentage don't mean anything - make numbers more tangible

    Next Steps

    Based on the insights learned from User Testing, I'm working on incorporating below elements to the new design.  The sketches show some preliminary ideas on how to make them happen.

    • Add a "nudge" function to let the user know when the switch happens
    • Make signs clearer to prompt interaction + help navigate
    • Make the app ask/suggest who they code-switch to and don’t require dual-identity setup in the beginning
    • Make stats more tangible

    advertising Campaigns

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    Thesis Offense Deck_v6.029.jpeg