How might we challenge the stigma surrounding mood swings related to PMS?


Created a game that normalizes PMS by creating empathy around its symptoms



What It Is

Moodswingers is a game that enables players to empathize with symptoms of PMS regardless of their biological sex. By showing that everyone (not just women) is susceptible to mood swings, cravings, and anxieties, the game challenges the negative bias around PMS.

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How It’s Played

The game is simple. It's played by a group of players seated in a circle. Just like the musical chair game, there is one less chair than the number of players. Every round, one player picks a card from the deck and reads it out loud. If you empathize with what they read out loud, then you get up and switch seats with someone. But be sure to look around! You have to move fast to get your next seat!


THe Process - From Cramp Smasher to Moodswingers

The project began with 100 sketches of possible products, services, and campaigns that reimagine our relationships with period. Exploring various angles such as hygiene and puberty, I became interested in tackling the stigma surrounding periods. Why is it that there is such secrecy and shame about having this natural cycle? 

Aiming to create a conversation starter, I first created Cramp Smasher. Cramp Smasher is a tool that emulates menstrual cramps with a hammer that hits a person's private parts. It can be set in varying degrees of pain, from Day 2 being the highest to Day 7 being the lowest.While the product was successful in humorously highlighting the lack of conversation about the topic of period, it did not allow for more nuanced discussion about the experience. Thus, I applied the idea to a card game to facilitate the discussion with specific examples that constitute a person's menstrual experience.


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