Legotopia is a mobile game that enables users to build physically and play digitally. Rather than selling building blocks specific to movies and characters, the game encourages children to use the pieces they already have and build from their imaginations. In addition to fostering children’s imaginations, the app's AI-enabled LEGO characters help them learn how to be better friends with children with autism.     

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Imagine & Build

LEGO characters that inhabit the virtual city are expert LEGO builders. They provide step-by-step instructions on how to build projects, find the pieces that are missing to complete a project, as well as connect the users' virtual cities to each other’s.

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In addition to inspiring children to expand their imaginations through building, the app also educates them on how to interact better with autistic people.  Each player is assigned a LEGO character who is programmed to show autistic behaviors.  Because of this, the users are sometimes unable to retrieve the information they want from the characters right away.  They need to seek advice from another character, LEGO sensei, who is a mentor for all players and learn to handle the LEGO characters’ anxieties, panic attacks and meltdowns.  Through interacting with their LEGO characters, users learn skill sets to notice cues and behave in ways that are more accepting of autistic people.